Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday During Lockdown

If there are any May babies who, like me, mistakenly thought that the lockdown regulations would be lifted by the time your birthday came/comes up, you’re not alone. It won’t be the same, but there are definitely ways to make your birthday feel like just another day stuck at home.

Here are four ideas to help you celebrate your special day:

Movie Marathon

If you have not tired yourself of Netflix and Showmax, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy (spoiler alert: if you’re still watching or just getting started, Season 16 packed up with an early finale that left us all hanging), this is a fun and relaxing way to spend your special day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already watched the Die Hard or Jurassic Park movies, or even the Back to the Future trilogy, some movies will always remain classics.

Game Night

Dust off those boardgames and have some fun with your significant other / family members. We recently bought a new card game called DOS, which is a matching numbers card game from the makers of UNO. It’s a nice fast-paced game that gets you thinking and definitely something we enjoy playing. If you’re looking for something more strategic or a murder mystery game, you could consider boardgames such as Catan or Clue. We have had countless hours of fun with these games.

Pamper Party

Slip your feet into a foot spa or put on a face mask, put on some music and… relax. This is definitely one way to just forget about everything that is happening in the world right now and focus on yourself for a bit. It is, after all, your birthday.

Bake Off

This is a delicious way of having fun and you can be creative while you’re at it. Bake- and decorate cookies or cupcakes with your family, and you get rewarded with delicious treats to have with coffee afterwards. In my next blog, I’ll be sharing some fun, easy recipes I’ve tried during the lockdown.

Most importantly, begin your day with FUN in mind.

I hope these ideas have inspired your imagination to make your special day more memorable. If you had a lockdown birthday, let me know how you celebrated your special day by commenting below.

Keep safe and keep healthy.

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